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CID 7177


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Dimethocaine, also known as larocaine, is a local anesthetic with stimulant properties that some studies show to be nearly as potent as cocaine. However, anecdotal user reports indicate no euphoria and only mild stimulating effects. Other users fail to perceive of any recreational effects whatsoever. The drug however still presents strain on the cardiovascular systems, like cocaine, with the potential to induce tachycardia which could be problematic for those who continuously redose. Additional reports of respiratory arrest have been noted.
When a product sold online in the UK in June 2010, advertised as dimethocaine was tested, it was found to in fact be a mixture of caffeine and lidocaine.
The p-NH2 pharmacophore in dimethocaine is a relatively uncommon structural feature for a dopamine reuptake inhibitor, although it is also present in other compounds such as GYKI-52895.
Percent inhibition of 50 nM [3H]dopamine uptake in striatal synaptosomes at 0.1-100 uM compound concentration

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